Out with a bang.

I’ve had this information for a few days now, but haven’t really known what to write.

The Post-mortem shows that dad died from a burst left ventricle. Basically, one of the valves in his heart failed: He was probably dead by the time he hit the floor.  He suffered a head wound from the fall, which would “probably” have been survivable, but we will never know.  The coroner has referred the case to an inquest, because although unexpected, it was caused by a long term condition.  This will take some time, but won’t change anything.

It is of some comfort to know that he would not have suffered.  It was a big worry for us all that he may have lay there for some time, concious but unable to move, waiting to be discovered.  It does appear that this didn’t happen, and that it was quick, and he wouldn’t have felt a thing.

As he said himself, at the time about his flying career, “I believe it is better ‘to go with a bang rather than a whimper’”.  He certainly managed that.

Rest in Peace, dad.  We love you, and miss you.